Maria Popova’s 10 Essential Books on Typography

Popova writes, “Whether you’re a professional designer, recreational type-nerd, or casual lover of the fine letterform, typography is one of design’s most delightful frontiers, an odd medley of timeless traditions and timely evolution in the face of technological progress.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now read her article on the 10 essential books on typography. You’ll find it yummy.



Handsome Emigre catalogs

Back in 2011, Emigre offered a handful of their type catalogs for just $3. I took them up on it and was rewarded with these fine type specimens. While I don’t use many Emigre fonts (a bit outré for my taste), they’re beautiful and stylish.

Handsome Emigre type catalogs


Lovely Portuguese book cover

Photo credit: Sarah Gadd Photography

I was wandering around the Web when I stumbled across this lovely piece of typography. It’s from the 1960s but looks much older.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

It reminded me of the cover of the Esbozo de una Nueva Gramática de la lengua española which I have around here someplace. But when I compared the two, it was clear that Vida da . . . is far more attractive.

Thanks to Sarah Gadd for permission to use her picture.