Font: Atkinson Hyperlegible

Atkinson Hyperlegible is a freely available typeface built around a grotesque sans-serif core, intended to be optimally legible for readers who are partially visually impaired, with all characters easily distinguishable from one another. It was developed by the Braille Institute of America in collaboration with Applied Design Works and is available under the SIL Open Font License. It won Fast Company‘s Innovation by Design Award for Graphic Design in 2019 and was shortlisted for a graphic design award by Dezeen in 2020.

What a great idea! Trying to tell a cap I from a lower case el on a computer screen is sometimes impossible. Even distinguishing a B from an 8 can be a challenge.

From Wikipedia. And thanks to Bill W for telling the Typemaniac about this cool font.Related: aovXKP, Mpcy, KAf, Sfy, jPka, fjGj, DJZY, PZva, TQCtx, hvBT, CBzy, rvyf, ULoHh, uIY, YeZib,