If You Love That Font So Much, Why Don’t You Date It?

dating“If I were going to date a typeface, it would probably be something like Franklin Gothic bold condensed. The font is undeniably masculine—sans-serif, solid, reliable. If it were a human, it’d be the type of guy who would fix my broken sink and play football in the backyard on Thanksgiving. I’m not alone here. Lots of women find Franklin Gothic to be a total dreamboat.”

Besides gauging dateability, graphic designer Sarah Hyndman is researching how typography impacts our perceptions in other ways:

  • Can a font make a product appear more expensive?
  • Do fonts have recognisable personalities?
  • Can a typeface alter the taste of what you eat?
  • Can a font alter the mood of what you read?
  • When is a Serif a better choice than a Sans Serif typeface and why?

Source: If You Love That Font So Much, Why Don’t You Date It?

Hat tip: our Northern Font Observatory, headed up by MrMild.


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