Study Type in Rome — only $6300

“The program, now in its fifth season, is a unique way to learn about type and typography, book and lettering design, as well as architecture, art, archeology, epigraphy, and even Italian cuisine. Study with the best typographers and designers in Italy. Visit the Trajan Column and partake in exclusive guided visits to the Roman and Imperial Forums, the harbor town of Ostia Antica an ancient site that best reflects the grandeur of Rome and “behind-the-stacks” tour of Biblioteca Angelica, the oldest library in Europe that houses original Bodoni type books. Examine the inscriptions on Roman structures that have long been accepted as a typographic ideal.”

SVA Summer Program in Italy.


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  1. You ought to take this one, Maniac. You can write it off as CE! This reminds me of a New Yorker story I meant to send you about this Italian who forged who know how many copies of a Galileo “Sidereus Nuncius” and fleeced the best antiquarian booksellers until —. Nope, I’m going to let you read it, because what gave this guy away is something you and I would have spotted thirty years ago. “A Very Rare Book. The mystery surrounding a copy of Galileo’s pivotal treatise,” by Nicholas Schmidle, 12/16/2013.

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